Candyland Studios

Candyland Recording Studio is located in Dayton, KY, just minutes South of Downtown Cincinnati. Designed and built by owner/engineer Mike Montgomery, the studio features two vintage Harrison SM5 32 x 32 analog consoles and an Otari MTR 90mk2 24 track 2” tape machine. The control room is also outfitted with two Fostex 24 track hard disk recorders as well as a Mackie Digital 8 bus mixing console for automation of playback.

Sounds are captured by an impressive selection of microphones from Audio Technica, AKG, Rode, Shure, Sennheiser, Beyer, Octava, TOA, CAD, MXL, Heil and Audix, and are routed to tape via racks of outboard mic pres, Eqs and compressors from manufacturers such as Trident, Toft, Universal Audio, Calrec, Tube Tech, Altec, Manley/Langevin, Vintech, Urei, Empirical Labs, Joe Meek, ADL, Neve (Amek), GML, DBX, Valley People, Symetrix and many more! The studio also offers an arsenal of guitars, basses and other instruments as well as amplifiers from Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall, SWR, Hafler, Ampeg and Leslie. A wide array of vintage and modern/boutique effect pedals and stomp boxes are available, free of charge. Three tracking rooms and three isolation booths with great sight lines offer a wide range of tonal possibilities when recording and over-dubbing, while the large, 32’ x 14’ control room provides a comfortable place to work and listen. Your ears are caressed by a pair of Genelec 1020 A’s and a pair of Behringer ‘Truth’ monitors.

The studio also features a lounge, kitchenette/breakroom, four restrooms, on-site accommodations and off-street parking (with security camera monitoring).

Partial client list; Buffalo Killers, R.Ring, Protomartyr, Daikaiju, Ampline, Knife the Symphony, Jeremy Pinnell, Daniel Martin Moore, Dopamines, Pomegranates, Caterpillar Tracks, John Lohr, Cough it Up, Clouded, Flesh Mother, Jet Lab, Lauren K Newman, Bitter Airplane, Old City, Ocelots, Lost Hands Found Fingers, The Scrubs, Strawboss, Chris Arduser (Psychodots, the Bears), Thistle, Andy Gabbard, George Cunningham, The Light Wires, Abigail, Night Divided, Averroist, El Gigante, The Nailers, Norust, Phratry Records, Death In Graceland, Covington, Alone at 3AM, SofaBurn Records and many, many more!

For rates and booking call: 513-615-2833